WEFTEC 2016 paper describes a twenty-year experience of SRTmasterTM design and operation. Twentieth anniversary of real time sludge age control.pdf       

Victor Valley Water Reclamation Authority

In the paper presented at the CWEA conference 18MGD BNR Plant staff reported that SRTmasterTM helped to increase plant capacity by 30% and reduce pumping energy.        

RS Pump Station

Optimization of start/stop schedule and speeds of the VFD motor saved more than $50,000 in energy bills (30% reduction) and considerably reduced carbon footprint of that facility.        

City of Oxnard WWTP

Installation of DOmasterTM and SRTmasterTM at the City of Oxnard WWTP led to SVI decrease and energy savings by as much as 15-20%. E-mail us, and we will send you a full report on California Energy Commission sponsored study of the world’s first aeration expert/control system. This project is listed by EPA as one of nine the best energy conservation projects in the industry.        

Sacramento Regional WWTP

In the paper presented at the WEFTEC plant staff reported significantly improved foam control and more than 30% reduction in effluent TSS using SRTmasterTM. These improvements allowed reduction of disinfectant (chlorine) dosage. Chemicals savings are equal to $200,000.        

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