BLANKETmaster™ improves plant reliability, reduces pumping costs, and increases biogas production

BLANKETmaster™ is software that automatically maintains constant sludge depth in primary and secondary clarifiers and gravity sludge thickeners. It does this by managing the control of sludge removal based on readings from sludge blanket on-line analyzers and, occasionally, flow meters, using a sophisticated control algorithm that filters out any erroneous data. The software can also inform operators of unusual patterns in sludge blanket depth and suggest corrective action.

Unique Features of BLANKETmaster™ Software

  • The software’s control algorithm is customized for each installation.
  • Sensor and actuator fault detection algorithms prevent the use of faulty data and automatically switch the system to “fail-safe” control.
  • BLANKETmaster™ automatically notifies operators about potential problems and suggests possible solutions based on fuzzy logic methodology combined with non-parametric statistics.

BLANKETmaster™ History

2000: BLANKETmaster™ is developed to provide intermittent control of sludge removal.

2007: Continuous sludge removal mode is added.



  • Improve plant reliability.
  • Inform operators about potential problems.
  • Reduce energy consumption by pumps.
  • Increase biogas production.
  • Disregard erroneous meter readings.

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