Larry Bateman, Operation manager of the Bellingham WWTP

“I do LOVE your SRTmaster. The SRTmaster is a perfect machine. A wonderful tool that helps me to dial my activated sludge plant.”

Gilbert Perez, Operation manager of the VVWRA WWTP

“I give my highest recommendation to the SRTmaster. It has done wonders for our plant.”

Mark Moise, Operations Manager, Oxnard WWTP

“Plant staff found that process improvements are possible by proper selection of process parameters such as D.O. and SRT and automating control of these parameters using commercially available software such as OPTImaster™, DOmaster™ and SRTmaster™ (Ekster and Associates Inc). Results showed that process optimization and automation reduced energy usage by 25%, polymer usage by 25. In addition, SVI was reduced to double digits, improving both clarification and sludge thickening.”

Kevin Dickinson, Sr. Operator, EBMUD

“We have successfully used the SRTmaster to reduce foam, reduce pin floc or to stabilize SVI based upon our specific conditions at the time.”

Josh Nurmi, et al., WEFTEC 2012

“At the Sacramento Regional WWTP SRTmaster had reduced the standard deviation of daily SRT from 0.3 days to 0.1 days. As a result, the average daily effluent turbidity was reduced from 7.5 NTU to 4.0 NTU. The reduction of effluent turbidity led to reduction of disinfection chlorine use, resulting in annual savings of more than $100,000. The number of foaming incidents was drastically reduced, which led to significant polymer savings.”

Alexander Miot, Process Engineer, City of San Francisco

“The system has been working very well. We are very happy with it.”

Travis Elliott, Senior operator, City of Chico

“SRTmaster stabilized our activated sludge system, improved effluent quality and significantly reduced chemicals used for DAF”

Cordel Samuels, Area Supervisor (currently Plant Manager), Toronto WWTP

“A significant reduction of polymer (up to 50%) was observed. The control system considerably improved stability of the activated sludge system process by reducing variability in solids age and drastically improved thickening of waste sludge. In addition, the system was very reliable due a sophisticated control algorithm built in the controller.”

Stephen Smith, Senior Operator, Topeka WWTP

“SRTmaster™ helped to improve water quality, and plant effluent became compliant with NPDES.”


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