The following is a partial list of papers and reports published in 2002-present describing our products. E-mail us to request copies of these papers.

Alex Ekster "Twentieth anniversary of the real time sludge age control" WEFTEC 2016 

Alex Ekster "Optimization of pump stations operation saves energy and reduces carbon footprint" WEFTEC 2009

Alex Ekster " Forecasting energy savings achieved by automation of dissolved oxygen and sludge age controls and optimization of set points", WEFTEC 2007.

California energy commission report "Development of software for automatic selection of activated sludge age and dissolved oxygen concentration", Sacramento, 2006.

Mark Moise, Mark Norris" Process optimization and automation improves reliability and cost efficiency of Oxnard WWTP", WEFTEC 2005.

Alex Ekster, Ji Wang "Effective DO control is available" Water Environment Technology, Volume 17, No 2, October 2005, page 40-43.

Alex Ekster "Golden Age", Water Environment Technology, Volume 16, No 6, June 2004, page 62-66.

California energy commission report "Development of software for automatic control of dissolved oxygen concentration", Sacramento, 2004.

Alex Ekster "Finding the right balance", Water Environment Technology, Volume 14, No 10, October 2002, page 65-67.

The following is a list of books referencing our products.

Metcalf and Eddy "Wastewater Engineering".

David Jenkins, Michael G. Richard, and Glen T. Daigger "Manual on the Causes and Control of Activated Sludge Bulking, Foaming, and Other Solids Separations Problems".

BNR operation in wastewater treatment plant. WEF MOP No.29.

Automation of wastewater treatment facilities. WEF MOP No.21.

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