An energy audit is a popular method for identifying measures that can be implemented to reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions. While traditional methods to reduce energy consumption, such as implementation of variable speed drives and high efficiency motors, have been shown to provide moderate energy savings, Ekster and Associates has proved that much larger savings can be achieved at lower costs by process optimization and automation. The following are examples of our success:

  • In 2004 our energy audit of a 5 MGD plant identified energy savings of over $150,000 a year with a 5 year pay-back period.

  • In 2005 our energy audit of four mid-size plants identified energy savings of more than a million dollars with a payback time of 3-5 years.

  • In 2007 our energy audit of just one plant identified energy savings opportunities worth more than a million dollars a year with a payback period of just one month.

These energy savings reduced CO2 emissions by thousands of tons annually. Using grants from electrical utilities, Ekster and Associates has developed a unique methodology to forecast energy savings achieved by process optimization and automation. Contact us and let’s start saving energy and reduce global warming!


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